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5 Exciting Things To Do in Chicago in the Spring

The Cloud Gate sculpture at night reflects the light of nearby buildings.

While traveling around the world is certainly exciting, there’s plenty to explore stateside!

The United States is massive, so pick a city you’ve never been to for your next trip. One place to add to your list of destinations is Chicago, which is a truly outstanding city with so much to see and do.

If you visit in the spring, you’ll have the chance to explore all the fantastic sights the Windy City has to offer. You can find a wide variety of food, shopping, and a vibrant night scene! If you want to enjoy the changing seasons, touring the city’s parks is a great place to start. With over 600 to choose from, you’ll be able to find one whenever you want to enjoy a green space.

Chicago Attractions Perfect for Spring

1. The 606

This park is named for the Chicago area code. The 2.7-mile trail connects multiple parks and art installations on the North Side with the trail itself having plenty of exits and entrances so you can easily swing by on your way to other destinations. 

This trail is very popular, so expect to see plenty of people out enjoying the scenery as well.

2. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park was named for President Lincoln not long after his assassination. The park itself is astoundingly beautiful and contains plenty of attractions that make it a worthwhile stop.

Here you’ll find the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lincoln Park Cultural Center among other options. If you don’t want to visit these, there’s plenty of green space and baseball fields so you can get in your exercise. As a bonus, the park extends along 6.5 miles of the lakeshore so you can get in a visit to the beach while you’re there.

3. Humboldt Park

One of Humboldt Park’s best features is its amazing lagoon. If you don’t want to swim in the lake, the lagoon makes a great alternative. You can also enjoy other features of the park such as the community gardens or Little Cubs Field, a replica of Wrigley Field. 

On warm days, the park tends to host picnics, barbeques, and all the food you could want as you enjoy this 197-acre park.

4. Garfield Park

If you’re worried the weather may interrupt your trip and force you indoors, you’ll have Garfield Park to visit. While it has 12 acres of outdoor gardens, it also features 1.6 acres indoors. 

Inside you’ll find hundreds of different plant species from all around the world. There’s also a nature play area kids are sure to love. If the weather is nice, the park hosts paths, playgrounds, public art, and a lagoon. You can also get active by visiting one of the many facilities that feature basketball courts, baseball fields, and tennis courts among many other options.

5. Millenium Park

Millenium Park has become an icon of Chicago since it was completed in 2004. One of the most iconic sights is the massive sculpture officially known as Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” but lovingly called “The Bean” by many. 

At 24.5 acres, it has plenty to do all year long. During warmer weather, you can enjoy outdoor concerts and movies. When the weather is icy, the park has some amazing ice skating options to try. You can also enjoy other great sites like the Crown Fountain designed by Jaume Plensa.

Valley International Airport Is Your Gateway to the World

Valley International Airport is the perfect start to your journey around the country. One of the best parts of flying is the amazing sight of your destination as your plane begins to land. No matter what time of day you chose to fly, you can enjoy a look at the whole city before you get on the ground to explore.

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