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Choosing Flights: When Should I Buy a Ticket?

Saving money is always a good feeling, especially when it comes to air travel. When traveling, one of the biggest hurdles can be the price of a plane ticket, especially for international flights. That’s why it’s important to know when to buy a ticket. Doing so can help you optimize your savings whether you’re flying domestically or internationally or planning a holiday trip. 

The next time you plan to travel from the Rio Grande Valley, book your trip with VIA to get affordable prices on comfortable flights. Read on to learn the best times to buy.

Domestic Flights

When it comes to domestic flights, you will generally want to buy a ticket one to three months in advance. There was a time when booking a flight early Tuesday morning was common practice, but today the day of the week has less of an effect on the price. 

While you might find a weekday to be slightly cheaper–especially if you’re booking outside the one to three months window–just about any day is sure to give you around the same price. However, it doesn’t hurt to look at several dates and airlines at once. 

International Flights

For international flights, it’s recommended to buy a ticket generally two to eight months in advance. However, this can vary for the location, as well as the time of year. While there may not be any major holiday happening in South Texas during your scheduled trip, there could be in another country. 

Similar to domestic flights, you’ll want to use a variety of different search engines and flight tools to find the best deal. 

Holiday Flights

Each winter, crowds of people travel to warmer locations like Texas and Mexico to escape the cold for the holidays. Because of this, if you’re planning on traveling during the holidays, expect prices to increase. Holiday flights can also be trickier to book. 

One way to access lower prices is by buying a ticket well in advance. Whether it’s for a major holiday such as Christmas, or you’re traveling for Mardi Gras or a music festival, try to buy a ticket five months or more in advance

However, keep in mind that price trends sometimes depend upon the holiday in question. For example, some reports show that it’s cheaper to buy a ticket for Thanksgiving in September or October versus during the summer. 

General Tips for Ticket Purchases

There are some general tips that you can utilize for optimizing your savings when flying. These can be used for any flight–whether it’s domestic, international, or a holiday flight:

1. Buy a Refundable Ticket

Although you might have to pay a little bit more, by purchasing a fully refundable ticket, you can plan a trip several months in advance and easily change or cancel your flight. This is helpful because you might find a better deal in the meantime, or simply because you may need to make changes to your trip. 

2. Or, Buy a Non-Refundable Ticket

While buying a refundable ticket can help you make adjustments to your travel plans without throwing away cash, if you’re extremely certain of your trip and know you’ll be going no matter what, buying a non-refundable ticket can be a lot cheaper. Of course, it’s important to know the risks that come with buying non-refundable tickets, but they can help you save money. 

3. Packing Light

Purchasing checked luggage can become expensive, especially for international flights. It’s not uncommon to have to pay $45 or more for a checked bag when flying. Instead, you can use a light suitcase or duffel bag for your carry-on and a book bag for your personal item to save space. 

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