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Frequently Asked Question: What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?

Finding out your flight has been delayed or canceled can be frustrating. As you rush out the door to the airport or run to make a connecting flight, you might start to feel annoyed because you need to make it to that business meeting or you’ve been looking forward to starting your vacation. 

Whether you fly from Harlingen or anywhere else in the world, flights can be delayed for many reasons. It is inconvenient for you and the airport crew, but sometimes things happen outside of everyone’s control. Keep reading to learn about the different ways flights can be delayed and what you can do next. 

Why Are Flights Being Delayed?

Airport crew members are frustrated by flight delays just like you, but sometimes flights need to be delayed for safety or other flight-related issues. Even when a flight is delayed, you should feel confident that it is because the airline is looking out for you and your safety.

  • Bad Weather Weather conditions can cause your flight to be delayed. Waiting for bad weather to clear can be a nuisance, but it is safer to wait on the ground a little longer to get to your destination safely. 
  • Air Traffic Issues With many planes coming and going, sometimes a buildup of traffic in the sky or on the ground happens. Air traffic control works to keep everyone safe by directing pilots where they need to go and when. 
  • Plane Mechanical Problems Planes are checked regularly for mechanical issues, and fixing any issues may take some time. This may cause a delay in your trip, but the safety of those onboard is the number one concern.
  • Waiting for Bags Sometimes waiting for bags from a connecting flight can cause a delay, but these types of delays typically do not last very long. 
  • Waiting on the Flight Crew Delays can also happen because the flight crew hasn’t arrived. This could be because they are coming from another flight, or because have a required amount of rest time they have to complete between shifts. 
  • Waiting for the Plane – A chain-reaction delay happens when your plane hasn’t arrived at the airport. It could have been delayed coming from another location.

What Do You Do Now?

After your flight has been delayed, the number one thing to remember is to stay calm. Flight delays are a hassle for everyone, but staying calm can help you and the airline focus on finding a solution. Follow the tips below to find out what you can do after your flight has been delayed.

Talk to an Airline Agent

After you find out about the delay, speak with the agent at the customer service desk. They may be able to tell you how long the delay will be, and, depending on the reason for the delay, help you move to another flight.

Review Airline Policies

It is not a federal requirement for airlines to provide relief due to delays, but some airlines have relief policies. They may provide vouchers for food or offer to pay for hotels if delays are several hours or days. Read the airline’s policy to find out more about what relief might be available.

Stay Busy

Don’t sit around watching the clock waiting for your flight. Staying busy with fun things to do can help speed up the time. Here are some ways to stay busy when stuck in the airport: 

  • Walk around
  • Pick up a new book
  • Find a restaurant
  • Take a nap
  • People watch

Valley International Airport Can Get You Where You Need To Go

The most important goal of air travel is to get you where you want to go, and to get you there safely. With both domestic and international travel, flight delays aren’t fun. But with help from a caring team of airline agents at Valley International Airport, you can rest assured that they will do their best to get you to your destination safely. 

If your flight has been delayed or canceled, reach out to the team at Valley International Airport for help in scheduling the next available flight.

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