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Your 2023 World Traveler Resolutions

Travel can be a common resolution for many people in the new year. Unfortunately, because of the timing, planning, and cost, it ends up not happening for most. In 2023, make your traveler’s resolutions happen by properly preparing.

Keep reading to learn what 2023 world traveler resolutions you should be making and book your next trip with Valley International Airport.

1. Incorporate Travel Into Your Monthly Budget

Travel costs can quickly add up and if you’re waiting for a sudden influx of cash to take a vacation, you’ll likely be stuck at home for a while. You can make travel more of a reality when you start incorporating it into your monthly budget. To do this, start by taking a small amount, like $10 to $20 out of each paycheck and put it into a separate travel fund. If you feel you can add more over time, then do so and watch your travel dreams become a reality!

2. Make a Dream Board

Nothing motivates your traveling heart more than a dream board. Whether you create one online or make a physical one for your home, making a dream board can help you plan where you go, what you do, and what you hope to see on your travels. As time goes on, your dream boards may change and adapt, but having the ideas in front of you can give you the boost you need to make your travels happen.

3. Take Advantage of Long Weekends

A huge roadblock for travelers can be finding the time to travel. It can be difficult for some to get vacation time at work or be able to work around children’s extra-curricular activities. However, long holiday weekends can be a prime time to fit in a little travel. It doesn’t have to be a trip across the country, but a long weekend can help you satisfy your longing for travel and get yourself out of your mundane routine.

4. Learn Five Words or Phrases In a Different Language

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling abroad but feel hindered by language barriers, there’s a resolution you can make that may help. Learning a completely new language takes time and a lot of patience, two things that may not be realistic for those with busy schedules. However, if you start small by learning just five words or phrases in a different language, you’ll have a good base to start your travels and you may even learn more along the way!

5. Start Challenging Your Fears

Traveling to a different city or country can take you outside your comfort zone. You may have longed for travel for quite some time but can’t force yourself to take that fearful leap. While you’re at home, make it your resolution this year to start challenging your fears. Send that text to a friend to initiate hanging out or sit alone at a restaurant while you enjoy a meal outside the house. Taking steps like these can help you challenge your fears and make you confident enough to book your next trip.

Make 2023 Your Year of Travel With Valley International Airport!

The past few years have left travelers stuck in their homes with little to no escape. This year, the only thing holding you back is a little preparation and a lot of motivation!

If you’re starting to plan your travel for 2023, book your next flight with Valley International Airport! Our team works hard to make your travel experience a smooth and enjoyable one!

Start your 2023 travel resolutions by booking your next trip with Valley International Airport!

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