Valley International Airport

VIA Lobby Advertisement

Promote your business

Reach your local Wall Street Journal audience, and deliver your company’s message to the over 800,000 people utilizing Valley International Airport annually!
The Value Of Airport Advertising

Airports boast one of the HIGHEST demographics around!
National median household income = $104,235
48% professional / managerial

Captive audience = extended dwell time and superior visibility
Average gate hold dwell time – 70 minutes
Average baggage claim dwell time – 20 minutes
Why go for seconds worth of exposure when you can reach people for minutes?

State of the art technology creates a very professional presentation to our upscale audience.
Thin profile edge-lit signs
Digital media
Scrolling displays
Wall wraps

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) of airport advertising usually falls below $5 per thousand viewers. With rates being where they are, local businesses can often do the airport for a full year, for the cost of doing a print publication for a few days. Rate protection! Our long term partnerships with airports allow us to offer multi-year discounts and rate control for up to 10 years! What other media can guarantee you today’s rate in 2019!

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