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Choosing Flights: When is the Best Time of Day to Fly?

Whether you’re trying to avoid a crowd, save money, or skip a long delay, booking early morning flights is usually the way to go if you want to make your airport experience a little less chaotic, especially if you’re flying to an international location like Cancun.

Getting up early might not sound fun, but it makes up for it with its stress-relieving perks. With non-stop Sun Country flights and one-stop Viva Aerobus flights available to locations like Cancun, Guadalajara, and Mexico City, you can’t go wrong, and an early morning departure will make your trip that much sweeter!

So set your alarm and guzzle down coffee the next time you travel with your Harlingen international airport, and read on to learn why the best time to book your next flight is at the beginning of the day.

1. Avoid Delays

It’s important to always plan ahead for delays when booking flights. After all, traffic controllers are notorious for always seeming to know exactly when you’re in a hurry. On the other hand, early morning flights are far less likely to be delayed due to the less crowded airspace.

2. Reassured Flying

For the people that have to work up the courage to step foot on an airplane, early morning flights can give you an added sense of calm. In addition to the peaceful atmosphere of early morning, you’ll also be less likely to experience thunderstorms which are more common during the evening and afternoon. The temperature is usually lower in the morning, helping to cut down on turbulence. Plus, booking early gives you some much needed after flight time to rest and unwind before your excitement begins. 

3. Skip the Crowds

Even during the best of times, many of us would prefer to avoid crowds. With COVID still a presence around the globe, it’s now important for all of us to avoid large groups of people as much as possible. Airports and flights are stressful enough— the last thing you want to deal with is a cramped waiting area or an occupied armrest in your seat. Thankfully, early morning flights are a lot less crowded, and fewer flights means fewer people in the airport over all.

4. Get Big Savings

The biggest benefit to taking early morning flights is the bang for your buck. The first few flights of the day could save you over $100 compared to noon and evening flights. Those savings could go to an upgraded fare with better features like comfier seats, added baggage allowance, and more leg room. Or, you could put your savings towards your vacation itself!

Find Early Morning Sun Country or VivaAerobus Mexico Flights With VIA

This year, consider booking an early morning Sun Country non-stop flight from Harlingen to Cancun or a one-stop VivaAerobus flight to Mexico City or Guadalajara. Choosing a beautiful destination like these is sure to make your getaway one that you’ll never forget, and booking a morning departure will ensure that your flight is one that won’t leave you with stressful memories!

Your Valley International Airport in Harlingen has the flights to get you where you need to go, safely and affordably. You can count on Sun Country and VivaAerobus from VIA to make your air travel a success!

Book your early flight and reap the benefits with a flight with VIA. Get an early start on your trip today. 


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