Valley International Airport

Everything You Need To Know About Flying to and From Your Harlingen Airport

A mother and two children walk through the airport with their suitcases.

Getting around an airport can be a huge hassle! Not only are you trying to find your way around, but you also need to save time to ensure you catch your flight. 

If you’re looking for directions to the Harlingen airport, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you find everything from car rentals to the right gate, whether you need to catch a Southwest Airlines flight or you’re flying with Sun Country Airlines.

What Gate Will My Flight Be At?

The various gates are broken down by airline: 

  • Southwest Airlines flights depart from or land at Gate 5 and 6
  • Sun Country Airlines at Gate 1
  • American Airlines at Gate 4
  • United Airlines at Gate 7
  • Delta Airlines at Gate 2

What Shuttles and Taxis Are at Harlingen Airport?

There are a few shuttle options available for visitors. For individuals heading to South Padre Island, there is an airport shuttle that provides services or you can opt for the South Padre Surf Shuttle to head straight for the beach.

You also have a wide selection of taxi services that can take you anywhere you want in the Rio Grande Valley. Both Harlingen and South Padre Island have a few taxi companies to choose from if you’re looking for a local ride.

What Car Rental Companies Are Available at Harlingen Airport?

There are major car rental companies at Harlingen airport including Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, and many others! Pick your favorite and drive yourself around in style.

If you need a specific type of vehicle for your adventures, be sure to reserve it ahead of time. With such a big selection available, you should be able to find what you want.

Can I Get a Map of the Harlingen Airport?

You can indeed get a map of Harlingen airport. Google Maps now has indoor maps so you can plan ahead before arriving at the airport. Whether you’re looking for the lounge, something to eat, or the Southwest Airlines gate, download the Indoor Maps app to navigate your way around.

What Do I Need To Know About Parking at the Airport?

After you follow directions to Harlingen airport, you’ll need to find a parking spot! No matter how long you’ll be gone, parking at the Valley International Airport in Harlingen is safe, secure, and affordable. Republic Parking supervises the lot and offers friendly attendants, 24-hour security, and a lighted lot. All you need to do is pull up to the checkout booth and obtain the parking paperwork.

There are two lots, one for short-term and the other for long-term parking. If you’re just picking someone up, pricing is charged based on 20-minute intervals, though you’ll only pay for a maximum of 5 hours, which helps save you money in case the flight is delayed.

You can also pay by the year in the long-term lot but you can always pick a shorter time to match the length of your trip. You can stay parked there for up to 30 minutes without a charge, but if you stay longer, rates are still very affordable. If you’ve got a long international trip planned, this is the lot you’re going to want.

Ready to Fly? Book Your Flight to or From Valley International Airport!

If you’re ready to fly, you have plenty of options with VIA, your Harlingen airport. You can fly anywhere in the world or use this as your portal to discover the beauty of the Rio Grande Valley like South Padre Island. 

There are plenty of flights for every budget, so you can enjoy flying around the state, country, or the world. Book your flight today and enjoy your adventure!

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