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The 5 Best Tips To Save Time at the Airport

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As a traveler, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck at the airport when you just want to reach your destination. Spending more time waiting around than you actually do in the air can be very frustrating!  

Although you must follow specific checklists and guidelines at the airport, like security protocols, there are some tips you can follow to save yourself a bit of time. Keep reading to learn the 5 best tips to save time at the airport!

1. Check In Ahead of Time

The check-in line at the airport can quickly pile up, adding unnecessary time to your travel itinerary. Nowadays, most airlines allow you to check in online from your phone 24 hours before your flight. Once you check in, you can download your boarding pass or even print it out at home. You can also see your seat number or choose one instead of waiting for an attendant to assign one at the check-in desk.

2. Enroll in TSA PreCheck

If you’re like many travelers, you may have been intimidated by TSA PreCheck because it seems like an exclusive club for special travelers only. However, you simply have to enroll online, get approved, and pay a fee of $85 for five years. Once you’ve qualified for TSA PreCheck, you get to skip removing your shoes, jacket, belt, liquids, and laptop. This can save you a great deal of time when moving through the security check.

3. Arrange a Ride to the Airport

While many travelers prefer to drive themselves to the airport due to the flexibility, it can actually cost them a great deal of time before their flight. Airport parking can fill up pretty fast, leaving you driving around in circles just to find an empty spot. Once you’ve parked, you must walk to the airport entrance or wait for a shuttle. If possible, ask a friend or relative to drop you off at the airport before your flight. There are also several rideshare services that you can arrange on your phone to save yourself parking time.

4. Only Use Carry-On Luggage

Packing your bags for travel can be quite a puzzle. As travelers, we tend to overpack and over-prepare while we’re away from our homes. Although you can never be too prepared, you may cost yourself time at the airport by being overpacked. Checking your luggage can cost you extra time as well as money. Try only using carry-on luggage for your trip to save yourself some time. If you have bulkier clothing items, wear them to the airport to save space in your bags! Traveling with only a carry-on isn’t for everyone, but take advantage of it when you can on certain trips.

5. Study the Airport Layout Before Arriving

Airports can be a crowded, confusing maze, especially during peak travel times. If you’re unfamiliar with the airports you’re flying in and out of, look up their layout online. Many airports have online maps showing the different gates, check-ins, and baggage claims. Knowing the general areas of the airport can help you navigate it quickly during your flights. If you don’t feel confident in your airport research, you can always ask an airport employee for directions and tips! 

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Your travel experience can greatly depend on the time spent at the airport. If you feel rushed or late for your flight, chances are the rest of your travels will leave you feeling flustered.  

At Valley International Airport, we want you to enjoy your travel experience, especially while you’re at the airport. For your next trip, try out these air travel tips and see if you can save yourself some time and a headache! 

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