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8 Tips for Scoring the Most Cost-Effective Tickets This Winter

If you’re tired of the cold, need a break from work, or just want to truly mean it when you sing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” winter travel could be your chance for a fun and much-deserved getaway! 

Finding a ticket that won’t cost you an arm and a leg might seem daunting, but you can use these eight tips to find a cheap winter flight

1. Know When to Book Your Flight!

Plane ticket prices can change from one day to the next! But as a general rule, you’ll want to start buying tickets for domestic flights about three to six weeks before your trip. And for international trips, you’ll want to purchase about two to four months in advance.

2. Pack Light to Save Money!

Unless you have some kind of membership, you’ll probably have to pay to check your bags. But if you can squeeze all your essentials in a carry-on bag, you could save some money for eating out or Christmas gifts! 

Overpacking can be a problem, especially if you’re heading up north. Who knows how many cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks you’ll need! But you can save space by borrowing a jacket or bulky boots from your loved ones instead.

3. Fly on a Slow Day!

The day you fly can also affect your ticket prices! Most people will want to travel on the weekend to avoid taking extra days off of work or school, so beat the prices by choosing to fly in the middle of the week.

4. Choose a Red-Eye Flight!

Many people don’t like flying in the middle of the night since they can’t sleep on a plane, but it could save you $100 or more to take a red-eye flight over flying in the afternoon. You might even end up with an empty seat next to you!

If this isn’t for you, choose an early morning flight. Early morning flights usually have a lower chance of being canceled due to a winter storm since the travel day has just begun, which could save you the money you might have to spend to make other travel arrangements. 

5. Choose the Best Time Frame for Winter Travel!

If you’re looking for a winter vacation that doesn’t involve Thanksgiving or Christmas, the cheapest time frame for plane tickets is between January 8 and February 28. This time of year is perfect for a ski trip in the north or a beach trip in the Rio Grande Valley!

6. Extend or Shorten Your Holiday Vacation!

Sometimes, holiday travel can be stressful with packing presents, crowded airports, and more expensive plane tickets. But there’s a way to find cheaper tickets and still make it home on time!

  • Score a cheaper ticket for New Year’s by flying several days earlier or on New Year’s Day.
  • Avoid flying between February 14 to 17 since it has Valentine’s Day and President’s Day rolled into one week.
  • For a Thanksgiving trip, don’t fly the day before or the following Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Avoid flying from December 21 to 23 since most people are trying to be at their destination in time for Christmas Eve. 
  • For an even better deal on a Christmas ticket, you could fly on Christmas Day!

Giving yourself a few extra days before or after the holiday rush could also help you save your sanity at the TSA lines! 

7. Wait for the Last Minute!

While it’s a bit of a gamble, booking a flight at the last minute could save you some extra money! Sometimes, an airline will notice a flight has a lot of empty seats, so they’ll drop the prices so they can fill the plane. 

Now, this may not be a good idea if you want to be in a specific place by a specific time. But if you want a quick getaway, this could be your answer for a cheap winter vacation! 

8. Choose a Non-Stop Flight With Valley International Airport! 

Winter travel does come with one downfall — you could face a winter storm that delays or cancels your flight. But there’s a way around that too!

Hop on a non-stop flight from Valley International Airport! A non-stop flight means you won’t have to deal with missing a connection because of a delayed or canceled flight. With VIA’s affordable winter tickets, you can get home or go on vacation this winter season! 

Grab the cheapest tickets this winter by booking your next trip with Valley International Airport! 

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