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Connect With Nature via a Trip to South Padre Island

An aerial view of the narrow island. There are many large buildings asking the shore.

A change of scenery can be the perfect thing to uplift your spirits. 

During the cold winter months, many want to travel to warm and sunny beaches where they can enjoy the weather and relax outdoors by the water. While international destinations tend to be the most common, there are plenty of amazing beaches in The States. 

South Padre Island (SPI) is one of the best choices you can make when considering flights to Texas. There’s nothing quite like SPI; whether you want to connect with nature, get a taste of South Texas, or just relax and enjoy the balmy breeze, this little slice of Texas offers the incredible Gulf Coast to you.

Here’s what you can expect from a trip to the one-of-a-kind South Padre Island.    

Things To Do on SPI

Go Fishing

Since it’s right on the Gulf Coast, fishing is a major attraction at South Padre Island. The Gulf of Mexico has an amazing range of fish to catch, and you’ll find plenty with just a short boat ride. 

Whether you want to rent a boat and head out on your own or if you’d prefer a knowledgeable fishing guide, you’ll have plenty of options to find the best fishing spots to catch the big one. 

Of course, which fish are available will depend on the season, so make sure you consider this when you’re booking a flight.

See the Ocean Life

Understandably, fishing isn’t for everyone, but you can still enjoy the amazing sea life found around SPI. There are plenty of businesses available to take you below the waves, whether you want to snorkel close to the shore or opt for scuba diving. 

If you prefer to stay dry, dolphin watching via boat is a popular attraction. Enjoy the dolphins in their native habitat and appreciate the spectacular ocean that supports them.

Appreciate the Wildlife of South Texas

There are plenty of animals above the waves to see as well. For instance, the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center offers the opportunity to appreciate all the animals that call the island home. 

While bird watching is the most popular, you can catch glimpses of unique butterflies or even see local alligators. There are also plenty of trails and boardwalks that let you see and appreciate the natural beauty of the island in one place. 

You can also find nature walks all over the island, so you can easily enjoy the gorgeous outdoors no matter where your itinerary takes you.

Take a Tour

If you want to get an idea of everything SPI has to offer, then you can’t go wrong with a tour. There are touring services that will take you across the island or even parasailing options so you can appreciate the beach from above. 

Some tours will also teach you about the history of the island and let you see wildlife along the way.

Travel South and Discover South Padre Island

If all this isn’t enough to have you looking for flights to Harlingen, there’s still plenty SPI has to offer. From water activities to a tantalizing nightlife and delicious food options, there’s plenty this South Texas gem has to offer.  

Fly to SPI With Valley International Airport

You won’t need to travel far to reach South Padre Island after your flight lands in Harlingen. The Valley International Airport is close to many great places to visit, and you can even take the chance to explore a bit if your flight is delayed.

Once you have to return home, you can also rest assured that you can easily reach the local airport. 

Don’t wait, we have so many flights to wonderful destinations to make a memorable trip!

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