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The 4 Secrets to Packing Light

Whether venturing on a quick weekend trip, an extended vacation, or moving permanently a few states over, packing light for your flight is a crucial skill to have. Whether you’re bringing a carry-on or reducing a hefty checked bag, there are some secrets for packing light. 

Packing light can save you time, money, and prevent a back injury. However, just because you’re bringing only your carry-ons or a single checked bag doesn’t mean you have to give up style or comfort. 

Here are some tips to utilize for your non-stop flight from VIA!

Secret 1: Choose the Right Suitcase

The first secret to packing light is choosing the right suitcase. For carry-on luggage, consider a very light suitcase. Suitcases that are under 7 pounds are often referred to as “ultralight.” Some brands even offer five-pound suitcases. However, make sure that your suitcase has plenty of compartments and pockets for your belongings. 

You can also pair your suitcase with a personal item such as a book bag that has space to fit additional items. Just make sure both carry-ons are under the airline’s weight restrictions and are comfortable to carry! 

Secret 2: How to Pack Your Clothes

There are a few ways to pack clothes to make your luggage lighter. To begin with, make sure all your clothes are neatly folded or rolled up. This will maximize space and put less strain on your muscles. Next, it’s recommended to pack just a week’s worth of clothes and to pack lightweight outfits. Materials such as silk, nylon, and polyester are recommended. 

Of course, this might be harder when planning a trip far away from South Texas to someplace cold. In this scenario, you can opt for layers of clothing and slightly heavier material that can keep you warmer, such as cotton or linen instead of bulky coats. 

Finally, you might be bringing more than one pair of shoes such as boots for hiking or climbing. While your sneakers will probably be more comfortable, they also take up less space in your luggage. As long as your heavy shoes or boots are comfortable for a layover, consider wearing them and packing your sneakers and sandals instead. 

Secret 3: What To Do With Toiletries 

When toiletries like shampoo and soap are over 3.4 ounces, they’re required to be checked or TSA will throw them out. Even travel-size toiletries may end up taking up too much space. The simplest solution is to not pack any toiletries at all and to live off items in your hotel or to shop when you arrive at your destination. 

If you’re unable to travel without some toiletries, try opting for solid shampoos, bars of soaps, and conditioners as they weigh less than liquids. Also, if you’re traveling with multiple people and someone in your group is already checking their luggage, suggest putting your toiletries into their checked luggage. 

Secret 4: Packing Electronics

While you might be used to carrying around your laptop case, carrying your laptop in a personal item, such as a book bag, should be fine if packed correctly. Also, consider what electronics are absolutely necessary. For example, if you’re going on a weekend trip and the only work you’ll be doing is checking your emails, then you may not need to bring your laptop. 

Instead, you can bring a device such as a tablet. A tablet can also function as an e-reader and is a great way to watch Netflix on a screen bigger than a phone. If your travel requires you to work often, investing in a lightweight laptop, such as a Chromebook, is also an option. 

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