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Things To Do on South Padre Island This Spring

A sea turtle swimming in the ocean

Spring is the perfect time to have an adventure on beautiful South Padre Island. This breathtaking island full of one-of-a-kind sites is also home to endless activities and excitement! If you’re looking for a fun place to go this spring, South Padre Island is your ideal destination!

Keep reading to learn all about things to do on South Padre Island in the spring, and remember to book your flight to South Padre Island with your Harlingen international airport! You can catch a flight to VIA, the nearest major airport to South Padre Island, just an hour’s drive away from the island. Catch Southwest flights to South Padre Island this spring!

Things To Do in South Padre Island With Kids

With its welcoming beaches and wealth of nature centers and parks, South Padre Island is a great vacation destination for families. From watching dolphins to exploring a nature preserve, you’ll never run out of things to do on South Padre Island with kids. Below you can check out a few of the best South Padre Island activities for families:

  • Sea Turtle Inc. — This experience is truly fun for the whole family. Learn about the wonderful world of sea turtles while checking out static exhibits and seeing real live sea turtles in rehabilitation.
  • Island Adventure Park — With adventure in the name, you shouldn’t be surprised that this place is exciting. Go-karts, mini-golf, horseback riding, and ziplining are just a few of the things you can do at Island Adventure Park.
  • Sandcastle Trail — South Padre Island is home to a permanent rotating collection of beautiful sandcastles built along Sandcastle Trail. These works are truly impressive and are crafted by expert sandcastle sculptors.
  • Dolphin Watch — Whether you want to watch some playful dolphins or go on an eco-tour of the island, there are all sorts of fascinating and fun tours for you to take at the Sea Ranch Marina.

Sportsman’s Guide To Spring on South Padre Island

South Padre Island is the ultimate place for the Texas outdoorsman. Not only are there endless opportunities to explore, but there are also an abundance of other ways to connect with nature:

  • Fly Fishing — Fly fishing on South Padre Island is excellent during the spring, with speckled trout being plentiful, along with redfish, flounder, and snook.
  • Hunting — No hunting is allowed on the island itself, but you can duck hunt on Laguna Madre.
  • Birding and Hiking — There are countless nature sanctuaries, trails, and refuges for you to explore during your time on South Padre Island this spring.

Catch Flights to South Padre Island

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