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Ordering Food on an International Vacation: 5 Things You Need to Know!

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International travel is a blast! You get to see new places, meet new people, and experience a new culture. However, you might feel a little nervous about what to do when you step into a restaurant. 

While you want to enjoy the cuisine, you also don’t want to offend the people of the country you’re visiting. Read on to find your restaurant guide to ordering food on your vacation and experience the wonder of tasty international cuisine! 

1. Your Restaurant Ordering Guide: Learn the Keywords

You may find yourself in luck with an English menu or server who speaks limited or fluent English. But that’s not always the case, so you need to be prepared. 

Learn the important words and phrases commonly found in restaurants, including starters, drinks, or dinner. Learning which menu options are popular and how to request them in the language is also a good idea.

If you find this difficult to do or remember, you can always fall back on translation apps or Google Translate to help you decipher the menu. 

2. Your Foodie’s Guide: Choosing What to Eat

Food is an adventure! But when you’re traveling internationally, you might want to play it safe. Order what you know to avoid anything that you would consider too spicy or not your preference. If you genuinely want to experience something new and have nothing holding you back, ask your server for a recommendation. 

If you have dietary restrictions, you’ll want to be prepared in advance. Bring a translation card or learn the proper phrase so you can relay it to your server. 

Also, if you want to explore something different, ask those around you, like your hotel receptionist or taxi driver. They may have recommendations that you won’t find searching online.

3. Your International Vacation Manners Guide: Learn the Proper Techniques

Every country is a little different when it comes to manners. The biggest thing to remember for traveling the world the right way is to be polite. Kindness goes a long way in how restaurant workers will treat you. Before leaving for your destination, research how to order food, tip, and even how hand gestures are viewed. 

4. Your Food Tourism Guide: When to Pay for Your Food

Depending on where you go to eat, you may be expected to pay upfront or after you eat. Some restaurants expect you to pay when you order, some after you receive your food, and others when you’re done eating. 

This rule also applies to food you get at the local markets or from street food vendors. Research the common paying policies before your visit. But to be on the safe side, always be ready to pay either with a credit card or cash. 

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International travel is a great option for a summer getaway, food tourism, or a quick weekend trip! Sit back, enjoy the sights, and devour some amazing food. Just keep in mind the local’s way of doing things when it comes to ordering food. 

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