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6 Reasons You Should Fly to Cancun in 2023

Cancun is a world-famous destination that just can’t be missed. With its amazing cuisine and some of the best beaches on the planet, you’re sure to have a blast on this city by the sea. 

Another thing you shouldn’t miss? The incredible events that happen there all year round! Here are some that may push you into finally booking your trip.

Six Must-Attend Events in Cancun

1. Cancun Jumpoff

If you need something to do over Memorial Day weekend, this event isn’t to be missed. It starts on May 24th and lasts until the 29th. The festival celebrates hip-hop, r&b, reggae, and soca music, and each party is themed, so be sure to check the dress code.

2. Farm-to-Table Experience – Koox Ich Kool

This event whisks you away to walk through the heart of the jungle. You get to learn all about local wildlife and plants to see exactly where your food comes from. 

The cost of admission includes a six-course meal and drinks. If you want to see just how amazing the food in Cancun is, this is the event for you. The Farm-to-Table Experience is held every week from March 7th to April 25th, so be sure to check for availability.

3. Playa del Carmen Nightclub Crawl

Is the nightlife more your scene? Then this event is for you!

Not only do you get to enjoy drinks, you’ll also get the VIP treatment! Visit three of the best bars and clubs in the area, and as a bonus, you get an all-you-can-drink deal after 9:00 pm.

There’s a nightclub crawl going on virtually every night, so you should be able to squeeze it in during your amazing Cancun vacation.

4. Akumal Art Walk

Akumal Pueblo is covered in beautiful murals. If you want to learn what they mean, this art walk is for you! Get some fresh air and exercise while you enjoy these works of art. You also get to see the local culture, which is one of the best parts of international travel.

The hour-long walk starts at 11:00 am local time on April 25th, May 2nd, and May 9th.

5. 773 Epic Promotions Adult Spring Break: Cancun Edition

Want some spring break fun? Then here’s the event you need! It has classic events like a foam party on the beach and a luau party on a yacht! There are multiple parties, a concert, and much more.

This event happens from May 4th to the 8th, so book your trip and get ready to have a blast!

6. Hip-Hop Sessions Boat Party Cancun 

This 3½ hour party will be the highlight of your weekend! Take a boat ride out to enjoy the party complete with party hosts and guest DJs. It’s all you can drink at an open bar with snacks available. 

If you take a day party, you can enjoy a dip in one of the most beautiful reefs in the world. Don’t worry about bringing anything, the hosts provide activities and inflatables to enjoy the warm turquoise waters. The best part? These parties happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! 

If you’re going with all your friends, you can even book a private party you won’t forget.

Fly to Cancun in 2023 for the Time of Your Life

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