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Learn All About the 5 Airlines That Offer Flights at VIA

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Planning a getaway is always a thrill. If you’re planning to fly, one of the most important things to consider is where you’ll be flying from!

So, what airlines fly to Harlingen, Texas? Plenty! Some offer seasonal journeys, like Sun Country, while others like Delta Airlines can connect you with the rest of the world. Here’s the info you need to plan a killer trip.

Sun Country

Sun Country Airlines is a perfect choice if you want an affordable trip. Sun Country flights come in and out of Harlingen to Minneapolis from November to May and from May to August to Cancun. These nonstop flights to Minneapolis or Cancun let you enjoy affordable holiday travel at different points of the year. 

Head to Gate 1 at Valley International Airport (VIA) to catch your flight or pick up your bags downstairs at the baggage claim.

American Airlines

American Airlines in Harlingen ensures you can enjoy a high level of convenience and excellence right in your hometown airport. American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, so you can travel far with ease. Just head to Gate 4 at Valley International Airport and enjoy your journey!

At VIA, American Airlines offers daily non-stop flights to Dallas. You won’t want to miss out on all the excitement of this hub of the Southwest. 

There are also Saturday non-stop flights from the Harlingen TX airport to Chicago. The Windy City is another must-see, so take the time to tour around, even if you’re there on business.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is an easy choice when looking for affordable flights. Plus, you get to check in two bags for free!

Don’t miss out on the non-stop flights to Austin, Houston, and Dallas from Gates 5 and 6. No matter which city you pick, you’re sure to have a great time.

United Airlines

United Airlines is the third-largest airline in the world with routes that reach every corner of the globe. United is a top pick because of their Mileage Program since the miles never expire. 

If you’ve been looking for what airlines fly out of Harlingen to Houston, United is a great choice. This non-stop flight lets you explore the city’s vibrant food scene or can use it as a stepping stone to further your adventures. 

Just head to Gate 7 at VIA and take to the skies!

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is known for being an innovative airline with a long track record of safety and great customer experience. Delta runs a seasonal flight from Harlingen TX airport to Minneapolis from Gate 2. If you were hoping to hop closer to the Canadian border, make sure you book early!

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The Valley International Airport is the largest and most convenient airport in the RGV. Not only are we centrally located, but we’re the home of the only Southwest Airlines hub in our region! Make the Harlingen TX airport your choice for your next trip.

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