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Who and What Are Winter Texans? Escape the Cold by Wintering in Texas!

While the mild summers in the north and midwest United States are certainly enviable, countless people migrate south every year to escape the freezing cold winter weather. In fact, Texas is so well-known for its lovely winter weather that there’s a whole group of people who travel back and forth each year to winter in the Lone Star state: Winter Texans!

You may be wondering, why Texas? Find out more about winter in Texas and how Valley International Airport can fly you there! 

When Did Wintering in Texas Begin?

The common practive of traveling to Texas for the winter originated in the 1900s, when landowners in the Rio Grande Valley began marketing the area as a great location to farm year-round. Since there was an increase in traffic, people living in Texas recognized how much Winter Texans could help the economy and community. So, they began the push to encourage Texans to make Winter Texans feel welcome!

Where Do Winter Texans Live in Texas?

While buying winter homes is one common way for Winter Texans to plan out their yearly move, many other snowbirds choose to live in RV parks in Texas during the winter. In fact, there are some parks specifically set up for Winter Texans!

Currently, there are over 200 RV parks within the Rio Grande Valley available for Winter Texans to park their RVs! Some are small, locally owned parks offering only 30 RV sites, but other parks are commercially owned with over 1,000 spots. 

4 Reasons Why People Love Wintering in Texas

You may wonder why people choose Texas to spend their winter months. But the answer is clear: Texas is a fantastic place to live with so much to offer to Winter Texans.

  • Warm Weather — The weather in the Rio Grande Valley is comfortably warm in the afternoons but still cool in the evenings, making it perfect for any activity! 
  • Fun Activities — Rather than staying cooped up indoors hiding from the cold, you can find all sorts of awesome winter activities, including fishing, boating, birding, or even strolling the beach of South Padre Island!
  • Social Life — Many Winter Texans make friends with other Winter Texans! Winter Texans also often love how friendly and welcoming Texans are.
  • Low Costs — The cost of living is lower in Texas than in many other states, making the trip more affordable and opening up the possability of buying a winter home in Texas!

Whether its the middle of summer or the peak of the winter months, Texas has loads of exciting activities for you and your whole family to enjoy! From beach days to nature exploring, you’re sure to have an excellent time on your Texas winter vacation!

Let VIA Take You To Texas This Winter Season!

With awesome entertainment, warm weather, and friendly Texans, you can’t go wrong with wintering in Texas! Pack your sandals and sunglasses and take a flight with Harlingen international airport this winter season!

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Fly to the Rio Grande Valley with Valley International Airport this year to escape the cold winter season!

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