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VivaAerobus Features Flight to Monterrey: Things to Do In Monterrey

From shopping at the Metropolitan Center to hiking up La Huasteca Canyon to city tours like the Horsetail Tour, Monterrey has something for everyone.

With VivaAerobus at Valley International Airport, you have the chance to fly non-stop to Monterrey from Harlingen, making it both faster and easier to get to your dream destination. Today we will list the top 5 reasons why Monterrey should be your next stop when flying with VIA.

Shop Until You Drop at the Local Malls

Head to the Metropolitan Center for high fashion stores such as ALTURA SEI7E and Michaelangelo. If you need a break from shopping you can catch a movie at the Epic Cinema or practice your golf swings at Mulligan’s Sports Bar and Golf Simulator. If you’re looking for a more kid-friendly environment, be sure to check out Punto Valle in San Pedro. This is one of the newest shopping centers featuring more than 100 stores and an outdoor playground for your children.

Take a Tour or Two of the City

In Monterrey, there are many different city tours to choose from. You can take a driver-guided tour through bigger parts of the city such as the Macroplaza and Bishop’s Palace. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate tour, you can get a local guide to take you around the city with groups no bigger than four people.

One of the most popular tours is the Horsetail Tour. On this tour you will travel to Cola de Caballo to see the beautiful waterfalls and town of Santiago. You’ll also be able to embrace your adventurous side on this tour. There is ziplining, horseback riding, and bungee jumping from the tallest site in Mexico at 230 feet.

Experience the Breathtaking Views and Hiking Trails

Located in the center of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, Chipinque Park will leave you breathless from the hike along with the views. Along the hike you’ll be able to encounter various wildlife along with designated spots for photo ops. If you want the views without the hike, there is a path for drivers to go up.

Whether you’re looking to hike, mountain bike, climb, or just enjoy the view from one of the many picnic areas, La Huasteca Canyon has something for everyone. The canyon walls reach up to 300 meters tall and are equipped with climbing rungs and ziplines for every climber, no matter the experience level. If you are wanting to take it easy, there are a wide variety of walking trails with lookouts and picnic areas to stop at.

Visit the Second-Largest Cave System

The Garcia Caves are the world’s second-largest cave system. To get there, you will take a cable car up the side of the Sierra del Fraile mountain, giving you breathtaking views before you even get to the top. Once inside the caves, you’ll discover various rock formations and marine fossils on the walls. To find out more information and history, we recommend taking a tour with one of the many knowledgeable guides.

Channel Your Inner Adrenaline Junky

If you want to experience a true adrenaline rush, then visit the Matacanes canyons. There you will find waterfalls, slides, and underground caverns surrounded by beautiful turquoise water. The coolest part—cliff jumping. You can choose from a variety of spots, one of the highest reaching 12 meters. Each jump will take you down into the turquoise lagoons for an experience any adrenaline junky will enjoy.

Experience all that Monterrey has to offer when booking your flight with Valley International Airport.

Monterrey is the trip you and your family have been waiting for. Don’t miss out on the incredible experience that awaits you there!

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