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VIA’s Guide to Winter Air Travel

In this day and age, you can get a ticket to anywhere you may want to go with the touch of a button. Air travel is safer than ever, and all passengers can feel relaxed and secure on any Valley International Airport (VIA) flight.

Air travel may be completely safe, but some travelers still become stressed during the process of getting to and leaving the airport, especially in winter. To help ensure our passengers always have a positive experience flying from the Valley with VIA, we’ve put together a handy guide to traveling during the winter months.

1.Choose an Early Flight

Air travel during the winter can be unpredictable in locations that experience frequent winter storms. While the RGV is known for its mild winters, winter storms throughout the rest of the nation can affect travel, and countless VIA destinations are located in the northern part of the country.

Rather than taking a chance on a flight later in the day, choose an earlier option so that you will have more chances to catch a later flight in case of cancellations or other issues.

2.Choose Connecting Flights Wisely

One factor that travelers may overlook when planning winter travel is the possible issues they could have during their layover. If you’re flying from Texas to the West Coast, but your connecting flight leaves from Chicago, you might get caught in a storm despite your plan to travel from one warm location to another.

When choosing your tickets, try to find either non-stop flights or flights with layovers in places that aren’t likely to see snowstorms.

3.Travel on Off-Days

This tip is something of a no-brainer: the closer to Christmas you choose to fly, the busier the airport is likely to be. Making your way through major travel hubs can be tricky when the gates are packed full of travelers. Busy days will also see longer lines at security check-points and travelers are more likely to experience delays.

To cut down on costs and have the best chance of getting to your destinations without any issues, don’t schedule flights on or near Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

4.Dress in Layers

For many travelers, planning what they’ll wear on the day they travel revolves around being comfortable on their flight. However, the temperature on a plane is usually vastly different than the atmosphere of a busy airport, so you’ll need to be able to change what you’re wearing as needed.

The key is wearing layers; wearing a jacket that you can easily remove when needed can make a big difference. Plus, this can save you space in your luggage.

5.Plan for Problems

When it comes to winter travel, the key is expecting the unexpected. This means taking possible problems into account when planning your flight, and travel to and from the airport. Even if you’re flying from one warm location to another, delays at major airports in colder climates can trickle down to flights across the country. Be sure to pad your schedule with plenty of extra time to account for delays.

Taking for granted that your flight will take off and land when scheduled can set you up for quite the headache. Always have a plan B in mind in case your flight is canceled, and make sure to read up on the cancelation policy for your chosen airline. Trip protection is especially helpful during the winter months.

Get Home for the Holidays With Valley International Airport

Traveling during the winter can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re planning on flying this winter, keep the tips above in mind. While your travel day may not go as planned, you’ll be prepared to handle any issues that might arise.

Take the stress out of getting home for the holidays this winter with a flight from Valley International Airport!

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