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The Best Foods of Monterrey (And Where to Find Them)

Mexico is an amazing country to visit and is chock full of great culture, scenic landscapes, historical sites, sprawling cities, and delicious dishes to try. While tourists tend to flock to cities like Cancun when visiting Mexico, if you’re a serious foodie, then you’ll want to visit Monterrey. Luckily, Harlingen’s VIA has non-stop flights to Monterrey through VivaAerobus! 

If you’re eager for some air travel and delicious food, then Monterrey should be at the top of your bucket list. Remember: you’ll want to have an itinerary filled with different foods and restaurants to try! 

That’s where your friends here at your Harlingen international airport come in!

Foods You Must Try While in Monterrey 

As you’re making your way from South Texas to Mexico, be sure to jot down any foods you would like to try. While Mexico as a whole has a diverse flavor palate, Monterrey has dynamic and delicious dishes you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. 

Three of these iconic dishes include: 

1. Cabrito 

Cabrito is a national staple and translates to “baby goat.” This tender meat is available throughout the city and is served in different ways. Roasted slowly for hours and even days, its flavor profile makes it a favorite for locals and tourists alike. 

2. Frijoles Con Veneno

Beans are a popular choice all across Mexico. Additionally, each region has its own favorite beans they like to use. In Monterrey, they like to use pinto beans that are packed with delicious flavor thanks to being cooked with pork lard and bay leaves. 

3. Machaca

Machaca is credited to La Tía Lencha when she mixed sun-cured meat with eggs and some chile piquín. This mixture resulted in a delicious dish that’s widely celebrated in Monterrey and beyond. Machaca is often served with breakfast so be sure to ask for a plate with your morning coffee! 

Where to Eat Cabrito

Cabrito is widely available throughout Monterrey, but if you want a truly amazing experience before your flight home, then we recommend Koli Cocina de Origen. This fine-dining restaurant is run by brothers Patricio, Rodrigo, and Daniel Rivero. 

In addition to their à la carte lunch menu featuring cabrito, other choice dishes include:

  • Northern burrata
  • Stuffed onions
  • Pine nut pipián
  • Asadero goat cheese paired with yummy figs and pistachios

If you’re more in the mood for dinner, then you will have a set tasting menu that has options like grilled beef with yucca, cauliflower, onion, and black garlic. 

Where to Eat Frijoles con Veneno

Frijoles con veneno is a dish that’s best served with other main staples. For a sophisticated, white-tablecloth dining experience where dishes are designed to be shared, we recommend La Nacional. 

In addition to indulging in a side of frijoles con veneno, other scrumptious dishes include: 

  • Fideo seco tacos that are filled with pasta in a tomato-chile sauce
  • Grilled artichokes
  • A variety of delicious seafood dishes
  • Salted rib-eye

This upscale restaurant is perfect when you want to splurge for a night. 

Where to Eat Machaca

Although you can eat machaca at any time of day, for the best Monterrey experience, you’ll want to have machaca for breakfast. A great location we recommend is Señor Latino. This traditional cafeteria franchise is well-beloved by the locals for its hearty and homey dishes. 

In addition to being able to chow down on the machaca, other dishes you can indulge in include: 

  • Pork shoulder tamales
  • Chilaquiles divorciados paired with red and green sauce
  • Scrambled eggs that can be mixed with chorizo and migas, or tomatoes, chile, onions, and dried meat

Traveling to Monterrey is a great choice when you’re a real foodie! You can include all these dishes and restaurants on your itinerary as you book your flight at Valley International Airport with VivaAerobus. 

Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a pleasant flight and that you choose VIA, every time. Our planes fly to Monterrey every day, and whether you’re visiting for the food, the culture, or to beat the cold weather, you’ll be happy you chose to fly with VIA!

VIA is the perfect choice, especially if you want to get to Monterrey! VIA has non-stop flights to Monterrey with VivaAerobus, and we can take you to the City of the Mountains in comfort. While there are plenty of fun things to do in Monterrey, sampling the city’s many dishes is always an excellent choice!

To book a non-stop flight to Monterrey today, reach out to our team at VivaAerobus!

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