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One-Stop Viva Aerobus Flights to Your Next Mexico Adventure

Vacations are a time for us to step away from the hussle and bustle of everyday life, but sometimes the hassle of getting to your destination can more than make up for any work stress you may be avoiding.

The good news is that your Harlingen international airport offers non-stop flights to the conveniently located and world-famous paradise of Monterrey in Mexico. From there, you can catch flights to a variety of international locations.

Read on to learn about three of the gorgeous and unique destinations you should consider for your next Mexico adventure. Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Cancun are all easily accessible with a one-stop flight from Viva Aerobus. Catch a flight from Harlingen to Monterrey and then to countless Mexico destinations!

Experience Guadalajara, a City of Celebrations

While Guadalajara is well-known for its tequila and mariachi music, its population of more than one million residents guarantees that there is endless variety of things to discover! You can find diversions in this vibrant city, no matter what your interests may be.

Tequila and Torta Ahogada (Pork Sandwiches)

Guadalajara has a life-time worth of unique and delicious dishes that you can try at your pick of one the city’s of countless restaraunts. Some favorite dishes include their torta ahogada (a delicious sandwich with lots of spicy sauce, fresh onions, and deep-fried pork), cheesy tacos, and a delicious stew called birria. Of course, you may want to take the chance to try some tequilas while you’re in the city, as well!

Tourist Accessible

Guadalajara offers a more laid-back experience than some of Mexico’s other populous cities. Most of the major attractions in Guadalajara are accessible by foot, and you’ll probably find the public transportation more navigable than some other Mexico locations.

Majestic, Historic

If you appreciate art and history then you’ll definitely love visiting some of the museums Guadalajara has to offer. Some great destinations include the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, as well as the city’s historic cathedral. 

See the History and Hospitality of Mexico City

As the capital and largest city in Mexico, there’s plenty to do when visiting this vivacious metropolis. Below, you can find just a small fraction of all this city has to offer.

All About the Nightlife

With plenty of unique bars to meet new people, music venues that play reggae and jazz, and places just to grab a quick cocktail, Mexico City has a rich nightlife. If you want to visit Mexico to meet new people and have fun with friends, then Mexico City’s nightlife is the place for you!

Nature in the City

Although Mexico City is mostly known for its urban areas, the city also has plenty of national parks. In between mingling with the locals, trying street food, and visiting one of Maxico City’s many museums, be sure to make a stop to places like Ajusco or Desierto de Los Leones to get in touch with nature.

Relax in Cancun’s Natural Splendor

Cancun is an incredibly common dream destination because it offers plenty of resorts and other wonderful fun activities and places to explore! Keep reading to get a small taste of what awaits you in the beautiful city of Cancun.

Soak in the Sun on the Sand

Whether you’re traveling with your partner, your family, or a group of friends, Cancun has lots of wonderful resorts and beaches to you to visit. From just lounging in the sun with a cold drink in your hand to going on cruises or parasailing advetures, there are plenty of fun activities at Cancun’s many beaches and resorts.

Glimpse Ancient Mayan Civilizations

Cancun is known for its many Mayan ruins and heritage sites, including giant pyramids at sites like Chichen Itza, ancient tombs like those found in the El Rey ruins, and once-great cities like Tulum with its famous walls. You can also visit the Maya museum in Cancun’s center to gain more in-depth knowledge. 

Sumptuous Spa Days

If you like to be pampered, then you should visit one of Cancun’s many spas! Many of these spas follow Mayan healing methods and rituals while also bringing in modern stress-reducing techniches. There are Cancun anti-aging centers that you can visit as well to help detoxify and exfoliate your body.

Trust VIA for Convenent, Affordable One-Stop Flights to Mexico

If you’re looking to get the most out of your vacation time, you can’t go wrong with a non-stop Mexico trip from Harlingen to Monterrey, and then on to countless other one-of-a-kind destinations with a convenient connecting flight.

VIA in partnership with Viva Aerobus works to provide convenient, affordable, and comfortable air-transportation options for all travelers. You can find a flight to your next adventure from VIA.

You can book your one-stop flight to Gaudalajara, Mexico City, or Cancun online today!

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