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One-Stop Flights For Your 2022 Fall and Winter Vacations!

With fall and winter just around the corner, you might be feeling the urge to get out there and visit some new places! Maybe you want to experience the changing seasons in different cities or explore the food and culture a new locale has to offer. In either case, VIA has the flights you’ll need to get these!

At Valley International Airport, our one-stop flights can get you one step closer to your dream vacation. Continue reading to find your next travel destination!


If you’ve got a hankering for some good food, you can leave our Harlingen airport and land in Atlanta, Georgia, in just under four hours: right on time for dinner. Once you’re there, you’ll have a delicious selection of food to choose from, including ribs, fried chicken, and juicy brisket!

While their food is to die for, Atlanta is also home to many live music festivals and beautiful outdoor spaces perfect for spending time with friends and family.


Phoenix, Arizona, may be known for its hot climate and desert landscape, but this city has plenty to offer for your fall and winter vacations. Whether you’re already an avid hiker or just getting started, there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from that will give you spectacular views of the city.

The best part about Phoenix is that you can be there in just over four hours when you fly from Valley International, making this destination a great last-minute getaway!


While Texas may be home, there’s nothing like the fall and winter months in Denver, Colorado. The minute you hop off the plane in Denver, you’ll get to enjoy the leaves turning colors or even witness some snow on the ground. Enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors by taking a quick drive to the many Colorado attractions, including the Garden of the Gods and Estes Park.

Grab yourself a coffee and breakfast burrito in Harlingen, and four hours later, you can enjoy another coffee with the mountain views of Denver, Colorado!


If you’re looking for the full fall experience, grab a one-stop, five-hour flight from Harlingen to Indianapolis. Once you’re there, you can enjoy all things fall, including apple picking, pumpkin patches, and the outdoor farmers market!


Surround yourself with music, line dancing, and various festivals when you visit Nashville this fall. Nashville, Tennessee, has a variety of film, music, wine, whiskey, and food festivals that can appeal to each traveler’s tastes and passions. With Valley International Airport, you can have breakfast in Harlingen and make it to Nashville for lunch with just over three and a half hours of flight time!

St. Louis 

St. Louis, Missouri, boasts a variety of family-friendly activities that make this a great destination for your next family vacation. Choose from various activities, including the Saint Louis Zoo, Six Flags, and The Magic House! Traveling with family can be a breeze when you take advantage of our one-stop flight from Harlingen to St. Louis, which takes just over three and a half hours.

Oklahoma City 

If you’re looking for an educational and enlightening vacation experience, visit the many different museums and exhibits that Oklahoma City offers. You can choose from museums like the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the First Americans Museum, and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

In just over three hours, you can fly from Harlingen to Oklahoma City with just one stop, making this the perfect weekend getaway!

Kansas City 

Kansas City, Missouri, has a variety of museums, walking tours, and parks to make your visit great. This city is also perfect for Texans looking to escape the heat. If you travel at the right time of the year, you may even see some snow!

Depart from Harlingen, Texas, at any given time and make it to Kansas City within four hours, give or take any changing circumstances.


Experience fall at the pumpkin patch and winter at the Henry Doorly Zoo when you take our one-stop flight for just over four hours to Omaha, Nebraska. While many people know Nebraska for its endless cornfields and small-town life, Omaha is a buzzing city full of coffee shops, restaurants, and downtown attractions.


Want a quick getaway, but don’t want to travel too far? Plan your next trip to Odessa, Texas. Once there, you can visit the Stonehedge Replica, then head over to the Presidential Museum and Leadership Library. You can also play a round of golf, eat at a variety of restaurants, and have some family fun at Cinergy.

Don’t worry about a whole day of travel. Simply hop on a plane in Harlingen and get to Odessa in just three and a half hours.

Start Planning Your Next Fall and Winter Vacations With These Quick, One-Stop Flights at VIA!

The Texas heat can make the fall and winter months drag on with little to no relief. Experience the beauty of different seasons in different cities when you fly to any of these cities with our one-stop flights!

Traveling doesn’t have to be a hassle! Take advantage of the many one-stop flights that Valley International Airport has to offer in 2022. 

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