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New Air Control Tower Underway at Your Valley International Airport

The VIA groundbreaking ceremony

On April 24, your Valley International Airport held a groundbreaking ceremony for a major new development expected to be completed in the coming years. VIA has begun construction on a new air control tower as a part of our ongoing commitment to excellence and progress in South Texas air travel.

“Today marks not just a milestone for the airport but also a pivotal moment for our community and the broader National Airspace System,” Chairman of the VIA Airport Board George McShan said during the ceremony.

Keep reading to learn more about the tower, our groundbreaking ceremony, and our continued dedication to exceptional service.

The New Valley International Airport Air Control Tower

VIA has broken ground on a $20 million project aimed at improving functionality and services for South Texas air travel, with a particular focus on serving increased air traffic and boosting our cargo capacity. As a part of that project, we will be constructing the tallest air control tower yet built at our airport. While our current air control tower, built in 1971, stands at 65 feet tall, the new tower will come in at 120 feet, nearly twice the height of our existing tower. 

“For decades, our current tower has served us well, but it was built in a different era, with limitations that we can no longer overlook,” McShan said. “It’s a facility that has become inadequate due to structural issues, technological constraints, and critical operational inefficiencies. Today, we turn a new leaf. We are not just constructing a new building — we are enhancing our capacity to serve the millions who rely on us each year, ensuring their safety with a modern, efficient, and resilient infrastructure.”

Not only will this tower feature up-to-date construction and style, but also state-of-the-art air traffic control technology and equipment. It will help to improve visibility for air traffic controllers, reduce blind spots, and provide improved monitoring capabilities.

In addition to our new tower, we will also be opening a new 9,400-foot landing strip in June, making VIA home to the longest runway south of Austin.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new VIA air control tower was held at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24. The ceremony included welcomes from Director of Aviation Marv Esterly and Chairman of the Airport Board George McShan, as well as statements from a variety of important speakers: Harlingen Mayor Norma Sepulveda, U.S. Representative Vicente Gonzalez (TX-34), U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, state Senator Morgan LaMantia (SD-27), state Representative Janie Lopez (HD-37), Federal Aviation Administration Texas-division manager Anthony Bryant, and a staffer representing U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our community’s progress and future,” Mayor Sepulveda said at the ceremony. “This new air traffic control tower is a landmark project, significant not just for its once-in-a-generation scale, but also for its impact. It enhances our operational capabilities and safety, ensuring Valley International can meet future demands.”

Your Valley International Airport’s Commitment to Excellence

“This project marks a significant milestone in our continuous effort to enhance and expand our facilities to better serve the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley,” Esterly said at the ceremony. “As we break ground on this state-of-the-art air traffic control tower, we reaffirm our commitment to safety, efficiency and innovation.”

Here at Valley International Airport in Harlingen, we are dedicated to providing unbeatable air transportation services to travelers and cargo businesses in South Texas. To that end, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve our facilities and our offerings, helping ensure we are continuously adapting to the changing needs of travelers and companies. 

“These advancements are crucial not only for our airport but also for the city of Harlingen and the broader region,” Mayor Sepulveda said on Wednesday. “They will enable us to handle more traffic efficiently, improve safety, and facilitate larger aircraft. Collectively, these improvements will fortify our position as a pivotal hub in South Texas, boosting connectivity and economic vitality.”

Our new air control tower is part of a larger project aimed at improving our cargo capacity and cargo transportation services for our customers. Whether you’re going on vacation or you need a shipment of cargo transported around the globe, you can count on VIA.

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