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Harlingen Airport Parking: What You Need to Know

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is where to park your car. At Valley International Airport, we’re committed to making your travel experience as smooth as possible, whether you’re flying out for just a weekend getaway or a long vacation. That’s why we offer safe and secure parking options for all our travelers! 

Before you begin your next adventure out of your Harlingen airport, keep reading to learn more about the options and benefits of leaving your vehicle in the safety of our hands! 

About Our Harlingen Airport Parking

Our Harlingen airport parking is designed with your car’s safety and security in mind. Our parking lots are equipped with 24-hour security, secure exits, and lighting to keep the lots well-lit, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is always safe with us. Our friendly attendants are always on hand to help ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Types of Airport Parking

At Valley International Airport, we offer short-term and long-term parking options. Before you decide which option is best for you, consider your needs and budget.

Short-term vs. long-term

If you’re planning on taking a weekend getaway or an overnight business trip, short-term parking might be your best option. With intentions of only traveling for a short period, you can return to your car with convenience, as short-term parking lots are typically within walking distance of the airport. However, if you’re planning on traveling for an extended period, the long-term parking lot is the way to go. 

Onsite vs. Offsite

Generally, airports have onsite parking that’s within walking distance from the airport, and offsite parking that usually takes longer to get to. However, at VIA, you’re in luck. Both of our short-term and long-term lots are within proximity. The short-term, which included covered parking, is the nearest to the airport. The long-term lot is no more than 100 yards away. 

Your Harlingen Airport Parking Fees

If you’re making your parking selection based on a budget, VIA offers a range of prices in our parking fees to meet your needs. Knowing the parking fees offered at Harlingen Airport might help narrow your choices in deciding what type of parking is best for you. 

  • Short-term parking fees are at a rate of $1 per every 20 minutes that your vehicle is parked, with a daily maximum of $15.
  • The remote lot parking fee is free of charge for up to the first 30 minutes. After that, each hour reaches a rate of $1.50, with a daily maximum of just $10. 
  • If you’re looking for longer-term parking for your vehicle, VIA offers monthly and yearly rates. Harlingen airport parking fees include a $180 monthly and $1000 yearly rate. 

If you choose a monthly or yearly fee, you’ll need to visit our ticket booth to sign a contract and prepay your vehicle’s rate before your departure. We’ll provide you with a parking sticker to secure your spot in our lot. 

Tips for Parking at Your Harlingen Airport

Before leaving your car parked at VIA, you can take a couple of extra steps for your vehicle’s safety. 

  • Remove all valuables
  • Check your tires
  • Clean your car, keep it tidy
  • Throw away any food and trash

Taking these steps will ensure your car is in good condition when you return. If you’ve chosen to park in our longer-term lot, please ensure your parking sticker provided at the checkout booth is on display on your vehicle. 

Valley International Airport Parking at Your Convenience 

At VIA, we are committed to providing you with options to make your travel experience as convenient as possible. With the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is safe and secure in our hands, you can enjoy the start of your trip by treating yourself to the amenities your Harlingen airport has to offer while you wait for your flight to arrive. 

We hope this information helps you choose the best parking option for your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Valley International Airport’s parking services at (956) 430-8694.

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