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Five Tips for Having the Perfect Summer Getaway!

The summer is the perfect time to get out of the house and have an adventure! The weather is usually nice and warm, kids are out of school, and many cool places are just waiting to be explored! Unfortunately, knowing you want to take a trip isn’t the same as knowing where to start planning.

Below, your Harlingen international airport has some great tips for planning and having the best summer vacation! When you’re ready to book your flight, remember that you can’t go wrong when you fly non-stop with Southwest to exciting places like Austin, Texas!

1. Be Thorough With Your Plans

Planning ahead of time can help you make the most out of your perfect summer plans. Planning lets you think about what kind of trip you wish to have. You’ll want to decide ahead of time if you want to visit a city, the beach, the mountains, or maybe all three!

Planning also includes creating a budget to help you pick your flights and make decisions regarding other expenses. You should also consider coordinating with fellow travelers on locations and budgeting.  

2. Research When To Book Your Flight 

Once you’ve made your choice about your destination, start looking into when you’ll need to buy your tickets. You should consider buying your tickets sooner rather than later to ensure the flights you need aren’t filled. It would definitely be disappointing to have to change destinations just because flights are no longer available. 

You can’t go wrong with a non-stop flight, either. A non-stop Southwest flight to Austin can save you time and money. You can save up as much summer time as possible to put towards your vacation rather than having to waste it waiting in airports!

3. Make a Packing List

Your vacation is fast approaching, and you’re excited to get some time off work for some much-deserved relaxation! Start the stress-reduction early by making a list of all the things you’ll need on your trip. You definitely don’t want to waste your vacation time running to the store for an extra toothbrush. It wouldn’t hurt to also make a list of things that you need to do before you go, like taking out the trash so you don’t come home to a smelly house.  

4. Stay Healthy

No one wants to be sick on vacation and staying healthy before going on a trip can have a huge impact on your summer plans. Before you leave, stay hydrated and healthy to ensure you’re feeling your best. 

During your vacation, make sure you stay hydrated as well. Drinking water can sometimes be easy to forget during exciting new adventures! You may want to keep a water bottle with you at all times to help you remember to drink plenty of water. Vacations often involve a lot of time spent in the sun, and becoming dehydrated or developing heat exhaustion are both real risks.

5. Don’t Stress!

Summer trips are a great time to relax and unwind. The stress of everyday life at work or school can really get to us! Having a perfect summer plan can help you get the rest that your body needs. However, making that perfect plan shouldn’t cause you stress in the meantime!

Keep things low-stress by staying flexible and being ready to adjust your schedule as needed. For example, you may have plans to visit the zoo, but it’s raining that day. You can pick another activity that’s indoors, and hope that the weather improves the next day, rather than letting a set back get you down. Planning ahead with alternatives for different weather conditions is also a great way to cut out that tension!

Get Your Summer Plans Rolling When You Fly Non-Stop to Austin With Southwest

Summertime is rolling in fast, and winter will be back before you know it. If you haven’t planned the perfect summer trip yet, don’t worry! Valley International Airport has plenty of great destinations that you can fly to non-stop with Southwest!

Fly non-stop to Austin with Southwest from your Harlingen international airport to soak up every bit of summer fun! You take care of the packing, and VIA will get you to your vacation destination! 

Want some summer relaxation and excitement? Book a non-stop flight to Austin with Valley International Airport to get your summer plans started today!

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