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2022 Top Tourists Locations

For many of us, traveling is an important part of life. Whether you travel to relieve stress, to get out of a busy schedule, to create new experiences, or to further your education, the last two years have probably put a serious damper on your ability to explore new places.

Things might not be back to normal, but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on your 2022 adventure. If you’re ready to start crossing places off your travel bucket list, then book a flight with your Harlingen airport today

Start Your Year in Monterrey

With Valley International Airport, you can book a non-stop VivaAerobus flight to Monterrey at the click of a button. With gorgeous mountain views, fairy-tale-like scenery, and a unique nightlife, it’s no surprise that Monterrey is one of Mexico’s top tourist attractions.

While keeping to its traditional Spanish roots and atmosphere, Monterrey has established itself as an ultramodern metropolis. The Capital of Nuevo Leon has put itself on the map as Mexico’s big city. Take your chance to get a taste of Mexico on your trip to Monterrey.

Find a Fresh Adventure in Las Vegas

As the ultimate playground, Las Vegas attracts people from every part of the world who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience they can’t take home. Book your non-stop Frontier flight with your Harlingen Airport to start on your 2022 Las Vegas adventure.

Visit the new Allegiant stadium for a football experience like no other, or walk Las Vegas’ infamous strip to shop at the best stores, eat at world renowned restaurants, and sip on professional made cocktails. Last but not least, you can try your luck at one of Vegas’ 30 casinos. 

Jackson Hole, Your Next Nature Getaway

With plenty of open space and no need for crowds, Jackson Hole Wyoming is a great destination for travelers who are concerned about the possible spread of COVID-19 and its variants. It makes a great destination for those looking to follow the health and safety regulations recommended by the CDC.

Jackson Hole is surrounded by the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, making its views unlike anywhere else on earth. Still, guided wildlife tours, whitewater rafts, and ski resorts are only a fraction of the adventures provided by this city in the mountains. 

You can catch start your route to Jackson Hole with United or American Airlines through VIA, with at least one stop along the way.

Let Louisville Inspire You

If taking a day at the casino strikes your fancy, but you want to avoid the Las Vegas bustle, Louisville, Kentucky, might be the perfect place for you. Home of the Kentucky Derby and the heart of baseball, the Bourbon City has something to offer for every type of traveler. 

Step back through history with attractions like the bourbon trail and Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Or, take in animal attractions from all around the world at the Louisville Zoo.

Book your flight to Louisville today with United or American Airlines. Start at Valley International Airpor, with one or two stops along the way.

Find Your Favorite 2022 Top Tourists Destinations With a Flight From VIA

Your Harlingen Airport is dedicated to making your traveling experience as easy and safe as possible. We do our part so that you and your loved ones can experience the thrill of exploring new destinations in the new year.

Set aside time in 2022 to take your next adventure with your flight from the Valley International Airport.

Book your getaway now and make up for lost travel time with VIA. Start your next adventure today.

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