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Deliver your company's message to the over 800,000 people utilizing the Valley International Airport annually! For more information contact Clear Channel Airports at 800-628-6800 or visit their website at

The Value Of Airport Advertising

  1. Regional airports reach your local Wall Street Journal audience.

  2. Airports boast one of the HIGHEST demographics around!

    • National median household income = $104,235
    • 48% professional / managerial
  3. Captive audience = extended dwell time and superior visibility

    • Average gate hold dwell time - 70 minutes
    • Average baggage claim dwell time - 20 minutes
    • Why go for seconds worth of exposure when you can reach people for minutes?
  4. State of the art technology creates a very professional presentation to our upscale audience.

    • Thin profile edge-lit signs
    • Digital media
    • Scrolling displays
    • Wall wraps

    • CPM (Cost Per Thousand) of airport advertising usually falls below $5 per thousand viewers
    • With rates being where they are, local businesses can often do the airport for a full year, for the cost of doing a print publication for a few days
    • Rate protection! Our long term partnerships with airports allow us to offer multi-year discounts and rate control for up to 10 years! What other media can guarantee you today;s rate in 2019!